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Avionics / engineering
Aircraft panels seem to have an endless number of configuration possibilities. You've dreamed of upgrading; you've researched which products suit your mission and personal taste - and you're ready to move forward with your new panel. Our engineering team is a critical component in your project; they are the link with FAA compliance, STC's, regulations, and challenges associated with combining older equipment with new and emerging technologies. In short, engineering is the logistical and regulatory key to your installation success.

Woodland Aviation's in-house avionics department includes consultation, design, engineering, STCs, quality control, technical installations, wiring harness, machining, and system verifications both on the ground and airborne. WA ensures every installation functions as expected, and can also train you on the various aspects of your new equipment. An example of the WA installation process HERE.

WA's engineering staff have technical access to every major manufacturer to avoid compatibility issues, expedited troubleshooting, and potential improvements to existing equipment. Our mission is to get you back in the air safely, informed, and in a timely manner.

Paul Coelho, Avionics Sales: 530-759-6027 | Email: PAUL